About Mintaton

Mintaton: the brain behind the technology

The ‘TexelPoints by Mintaton’ system is a community based loyalty system, designed to stimulate the local tourist sector. By cooperation between businesses within the community Mintaton hopes to contribute to a more complete customer experience on Texel.

The Mintaton-system is designed to stimulate the local economy on Texel. With the help of the system it becomes easier to analyse the buying behaviour of the customers, by using the newest technology, hardware solutions and integrated social media improvements.

The focus is on building customer loyalty, rewards and the improvement of customer experiences. This is realised by giving the customer an easy overview of the big and small companies and organisations of Texel. The app contains information about Texel and there is a possibility to save with points and pay with points. In this way Mintaton creates a widely supported loyalty system, connecting the customer with the merchant.

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