About Texel Loyaal

Texel Loyaal: the initiators of TexelPoints

TexelPoints is an initiative of the cooperation Texel Loyaal, founded on 8 April 2014. The initiative has its origin in the ideal of the merchants of Texel who want to keep Texel attractive for tourist and inhabitants.

Texel Loyaal strives to provide the tourist and the inhabitant of Texel with relevant information and deals using modern-day technology, while trying to keep the spendings on Texel. This wish arose in response to a combination of challenges which merchants face (daily), such as social trends and technological developments. Texel Loyaal makes use of these developments and responds to needs of consumers, an increasing use of the Internet and changes in consumer behaviour.

Texel Loyaal is eager to offer guests and customers a complete range of businesses and organisations on Texel. For this reason all the businesses are included in the TexelPoints system. By becoming a member of the cooperation, these merchants get access to more functionalities and will be able to communicate more easily with their guests, as well as increasing their visibility for tourists and ‘Texelaars’.

Are you a merchant or organization on Texel and would you like to be a member? Please subscribe here : http://info.texelpoints.com/subscription/

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